Who are we?

We are a student-run society at the University of Cambridge, and we are scaling the Blockchain space at Cambridge and beyond.

Founded by students in 2018, our mission is to foster a booming Blockchain ecosystem at Cambridge by maintaining a distributed network of students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners.

What do we do?


Teaching open-source courses
Workshops and hackathons held by experts

 Academic Research

Fuelling new academic research at Cambridge Translating developments into use cases.


Our team of highly dedicated academics and researchers advise companies and groups on the Legal, Technical and Business aspects of Blockchain.


We incentivise innovation through large prizes in competitions. We incubate startups to suitable investors and partners.


Our team of highly dedicated developers at Cambridge are eager to build Blockchain applications to match specific issues.


We incubate startups by offering them full access to our network of investors and market makers.

Sponsors and Partners