Sample: BlockLobby


Corporate lobbying for unpopular policies, big money in politics, centralized and elitist government control.


A decentralized web app using Ethereum smart contracts. Crowd funded lobbying for social change. Allows the average person to have a voice in the political process and makes activism and non-corporate lobbying profitable, speeding up the process. More proportional and market-based funding for genuinely popular policy positions.


Person (OP) submits proposal to this app. Users who want to see this proposal through make non-refundable donations to it, up until a deadline set by the OP. At this point, a number of equal-value shares, the total value of which is a fraction of the value of the entire pool of donations (fraction and number of shares set by OP), are released for sale. Lobbyists and bettors buy these shares, assuming they (or someone else) will complete the proposal.

Projects and Collobrations

We will publish selected projects on our website. Feel free to drop us an message even if you just have an idea. Of course, collobrations in and out of the University of Cambridge are more than welcome.

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